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Sexual Assault Awareness Month of Action

 Sexual Assault Awareness Month raises public awareness about sexual violence and educates communities on how to prevent it. The campaign theme, I Ask, promotes the message that asking for consent is a healthy, normal,...

STD Awareness Month

 STD Awareness month highlights the importance of staying healthy by getting STD testing and being informed by knowing the risk/symptoms. ·         There are 20 million new STI cases in the U.S. every year·        ...
group preventing violence

What would you do?: How to step in and prevent sexual violence

Rate this article and enter to winAlthough we’d like to think that college is a safe haven from sexual violence, the National Institute of Justice’s 2005-2007 Campus Sexual Assault Study of almost 7,000 undergraduate students indicates...
Two women placing money in a piggy bank

Fight the urge to splurge: 7 ways to avoid monster spending

Rate this article and enter to winIn December, many events and celebrations take place, and this can make spending seem attractive, even necessary. Plus, for some, shopping is a way to escape the grind...