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Eating Disorders Awareness

 The Nationtional Eating Disorders Association  supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders  and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care.The below link is a resourcesful screen tool to...
Eating Disorders

National Eating Disorder week ( February 26-March 4th )

 The National Eating Disorders Association supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders. NEDA provides education and understanding of eating disorders, weight, and body image ·         Defining what are Eating Disorders? ·         Warning...
Collage of diverse meals

Trending diets: What they are, why they don’t always work, and what to try...

Rate this article and enter to winWhen it comes to making healthy food choices, it can be hard to know which way is up. Trendy diets that sound way too weird or way too...
Batman figurines

What’s Batman got to do with body image and eating disorders?

Rate this article and enter to winWhen you think of eating disorders, who comes to mind? Probably not the guy lifting weights in the gym for two hours a day, or your buddy who...
Man making heart symbol with hands

Love your body

Rate this article and enter to winAccording to a 2006 study, the average American encounters 5,000 advertisements in one day. Many of these messages revolve around looking “better,” and influence just about everyone. Sadly,...
Man looking at himself in mirror

Boost your body confidence: Strategies to improve your self-image

Rate this article and enter to winDeveloping an awareness of your body and caring for it with regular physical activity, nutritious food, and enough sleep can help you stay healthy. But young adults are...