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health bulletin

man and woman working out together

Your body on exercise

Here are five reasons your body loves physical activity—whether dancing, swimming, playing a sport, walking, biking, or visiting the gym: Regular exercise can act as a cognitive enhancer, promoting creativity. The National Institutes of Health report...
woman choosing food

Advertising agendas: How food is marketed

Learning the ins and outs of food marketing can help you distinguish between truly healthy products and overblown claims. Here are some things to know: “Natural” just means no artificial flavors or colors. These foods may...
woman filling out paper work

What to discuss with health care providers

Sometimes people feel awkward asking questions or explaining how they’re feeling to health care providers. But offering information will help them help you. Here are some tips: Explain any symptoms in detail. Make a list of...
mixed veggies

Meat free and healthy (the vegetarian diet)

People consider vegetarianism for a variety of reasons, including: Environmental impact of raising large numbers of animals for food Implications for world-wide food security Animal welfare concerns HealthStudies indicate that being vegetarian may help people maintain a healthy...

Getting a pulse on your heart rate

Keeping track of your heart rate is a great way to assess your overall health. It helps you gauge how strong your heart is and note improvements.To measure manually: Find your pulse on the inside...
breakfast bars

Bars for breakfast

Grocery shelves are packed with “nutrition bars” these days. They typically contain: Dairy or soy protein (whey or soy protein isolate are common) Rice and/or oats Peanuts and/or other nuts Sugar, honey, or another sweetener 250-350 caloriesThese bars differ...

The paleo diet

The idea behind the Paleo diet is this: Our bodies weren’t designed to digest the large quantity of grains, dairy, salt, and sugar that are typical these days. Instead, the staples of a Paleo...
woman taking a nap

Discover the power nap

The BenefitsInsufficient sleep can affect your academics and health, including your decision-making, memory, and immune function. Although a nap can’t replace a good night’s sleep, one that’s well-timed can improve your mood and performance....
bowl of popcorn

Brain-boosting snacks

Satisfy Your Sweet ToothCottage Cheese and GrapesLow-fat or fat-free cottage cheese offers up vitamins, antioxidants, and protein-all things that keep you awake and satisfied. Sprinkle some cinnamon or add some grapes for the perfect...
woman on couch with a cold

Conquer the common cold

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than one billion cases of the common cold in the U.S. every year. Colds may not seem like a big deal, but...