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HPV vaccine

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus spread through sexual contact. Though most of the time HPV has no symptoms, certain strains of the virus can lead to cancer or genital warts. The Centers for...

Pass the gas

The butt of many jokes (pun intended) and awkward social silences, air in your digestive tract (gas) can be caused by swallowed air or the process of breaking down undigested foods in the large...

National blood donation month

January is a great time to offer up your arm and donate blood. According to the American Red Cross, “Patients nationwide need about 44,000 blood donations daily for cancer care, surgeries, and the treatment...

MLK day of service

On January 21, 2013, we celebrate the life and ideals of Martin Luther King Jr. This is a chance to reflect on what it means to protest injustices and speak about peace, and also...
hands typing on keyboard

Rest your wrists

The repetitive motions of using a computer are often associated with a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, typing is the most common cause. The syndrome develops...
woman on couch with a cold

Self-care for colds

The “common” cold can be caused by over 200 viruses. Since there’s no cure, focus on alleviating your symptoms. They usually last between a week and 10 days and include: Sore throat, cough Stuffy nose, sneezing,...
american flag

Get Out The Vote

November 6th is Election Day. This year, there’s the presidency, plus many state and local positions - and ballot initiatives - up for vote. Elections are an important time to get involved with your...